The Demo

This demo came out the year I graduated high school ('87). It was recorded in a garage in Arnold, MD (? Ned?) by a guy named Harry. I was nervous as shit because it was the first time I'd recorded with Ned and Tristan. I didn't include all the tracks because 3 of them were included on our mini-lp which came out later. (see below)

The Sticker

It's a sticker.

The Business Card

Not sure why we had these, but Tristan used to hand them out. We probably used them to get 'gigs' and by 'gigs' I mean 'girls'. Of course, Tristan was smart enough to only put his # on the card.

Self-Titled mini-LP (front)

If I remember correctly, Tristan created this album cover with an exacto knife and elmer's glue. I believe the 'Iron Christ' character is actually 'The Terminator' after his skin was removed. He cut off the limbs and placed them on the cross. I'm sure plenty of Xerox'ing and white-out were involved as well.

Self-Titled mini-LP (back)

Our instruments were listed as follows:
  • Tristan Lentz - Sonic Strings, Writhing
  • Scott Treude - Particle Accelerator, Screaming
  • Ned Westrick - Hot and Cold running Bass, Howling
To explain some of that: I was getting my degree in physics when the record came out. Ned lost the knobs for his bass so he used the handles off of outdoor water spickets instead.

"Getting the Most Out Of Your Extinction" long box with divider

Mike Bullock joined us on this one as the singer.

The divider was stolen from the Tower Records in Paramus in '92 by my then girlfriend. She was good at stealing stuff.

The original cover idea was developed by Ned. I don't remember exactly what it was, but I think it had something to do with aliens celebrating our demise. We even had an artist render it. I think his name was Robert Smith. Yes, like the singer for the cure. And, no he didn't know of the Cure. That should have tipped us off. Ned and Tristan still owe him a house-painting. I guess the record company didn't like it, so they created this cover. The cover was constructed mostly of the left over 'sprues' from plastic car models (frames that hold the unassembled parts), colorfully lit and then set on fire. no shit!?

The magazine quotes are as follows:
  • "If you say you're into Techno-Thrash and you don't own this record, then you don't know what you're talking about" - Metal Masters
  • "Refreshing, innovated and heavy enough to rip you apart ... not to be missed" - Music Makers
  • "Four K's" - Kerrang
I think the record label made up these reviews. I don't remember ever actually seeing them in any magazine. New Renaissance was pretty sketch.